CamRock Interactive Projects

CamRock Interactive has participated in numerous diverse projects ranging from simple web sites to complex data-driven work flow applications. Here is a selection of CamRock projects.
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  • CaptionMax Business Information and Client Portal
    CaptionMax provides video captioning services, and needed a portal to allow customers to upload videos for captioning, monitor their status and download completed caption files. Uploads could be up to 1GB in size requiring development of a customized HTTP upload capability with progress feedback and a custom server configuration.
  • ev3 Event Registration Site Event Registration and Management Site - uses MVC Architecture
    This project consolidated registrations for various types of corporate events, which had been handled via an array of external events management tools and custom web sites. Smart detection of user status (staff/customer) allows different content to be displayed to each group. Dynamic content, always shows selection of newest relevant events to user. The complex registration forms have been consolidated and dynamically configure based on event type settings.
  • 2G Digital PO Database Customer Portal and Work Flow Application
    This sophisticated customer portal and internal work flow application, provides a complex capability via a light, clean interface. Valued clients create purchase orders, and upload relevant documents. Staff schedulers monitor the activity, and process the orders. As work proceeds on the orders, staff informs the client of progress, requests and receives additional information via file upload capability. All activities are logged and viewable. System can send email and user can respond with text and attachments which will be added to the database for that PO.
  • ev3 Reimbursement Mobile Web App for Sales Force
    This web app consists of three different mini-applications that allow users to get Medicare reimbursment amounts for vascular prostheses based on the various settings. In additiona to the programming, sites of this nature require a fair amount of consulting on math calculations, source data manipulation and presentation.
  • Augsburg College Custom Wordpress - Template and Widgets
    Included developent of a custom WP template including several templated page types, three custom, programmable widgets and automatic multi-state menu generation based on content page categories. (Demo site has very limited content.)
  • Liberty Regional Centers Custom Wordpress
    For this complex business web site, we built a custom Wordpress theme that allowed us to precisely match the graphic designer's vision. The site has multiple layers of menuing. All content and menuing is updatable by the client usign the Wordpress admin controls. The live site includes a Mandarin version, with other languages pending, all using the same WP framework.
  • Lehman Design Group Business web site. HTML, configurable Flash
    Developed for one of the world's leading golf course designers...
  • Tii Gavo Basic HTML web site with dynamic Flash
    This eco-community property development web site includes an interactive Flash component, that uses external source material and has user-updatable content.
  • The Golden Rule Building HTML plus simple CMS
    Includes a CMS to update apartment availablility.
  • Drescher Architecture Basic HTML web site with image gallery
    A very simple, clean design that highlights the beauty of the client's work. Includes custom, user updatable gallery.
  • Clear Energy Systems Basic HTML web site with Flash
    Not everything has to be a web app!
  • Villa Cortez Flash in HTML page structure
    All of the richness of a Flash-based website with the page access and SEO ability of an HTML site. Includes inter-SWF communication and auxilliary content in HTML for search engines.
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